Rotating Equipment Repair

Pro-Pump provides full service repair services for all types of rotating equipment


Pro-Pump has a full service machining and fabrication facility that includes CNC lathes and Milling Machines


Our Millwrights are trained in the latest practices and technology, and undergo continuous safety training


We service water and wastewater utilities, providing 24/7 emergency service


Pro-Pump provides Industrial coatings featuring ARC by A.W. Chesterton as a value added service to prolong longevity in customers equipment

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Keeping Your Business Pumping 24/7

Pro-Pump is a full service rotating equipment repair facility. We provide turnkey services that include Inhouse repair, Millwright services, Machining, Fabrication, and Welding

Pro-Pump reconditions rotating equipment such as pumps, gearboxes, blowers, fans, and electric motors.

Since 1998, Pro-Pump has provided turnkey services for industrial, commercial and municipal clients in Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Missouri, Ohio and Pennsylvania.

We service end suction, split case, submersible, gear, positive displacement and vertical turbine pumps, paying close attention to detail throughout the repair process to ensure quality and long lasting performance once your equipment has been reinstalled and returned to service.

Our Mission

To increase longevity and performance and decrease life cycle cost of rotating equipment systems for our customers through failure analysis, high quality repair, and remediation of systemic problems with efficient preventative maintenance.

Dedicated Team

Our Skilled Team specializes in rotating equipment service, sales, maintenance, and repair. Our employees undergo continuous training to ensure they are providing the customer with a world class product.

Delivery on Time

Professional services done correctly on time within budget to maximize value.

Updated Technology

In the shop or in the field, Pro-Pump applies state of the art techniques to create and apply new or reconditioned better than OEM components.

Quality Assurance

We run components through a stringent inspection process to ensure durability and peak performance.

Services & solutions

What makes Pro-Pump different?   It's our committment to you.   Why choose Pro-Pump? Learn More →


Servicing Clients on their Individual Needs

Servicing a wide variety of pumps and equipment, we cater to each client individually. Our scope of expertise provides service to Steel Mills, Refineries, Power Plants, and Chemical Plants. We can supplement your maintenance during outages or busy times.


24-Hour Service Promise

Pro-Pump meets the needs of municipalities by providing lift station service, rehab, and inspections


24/7 Emergency Service

Preventative maintenance and emergency repair on HVAC equipment, ejector and dewatering pumps.

Our Projects

Pro-Pump - Experienced rotating equipment specialists, servicing clients based on their individual needs, including on demand 24/7 emergency service.   SEE OUR STORIES